We have put together various legal documents and other resources relating to the planning profession with a specific focus on the City of Nairobi.

  1. The Constitution of Kenya (External link: KenyaLaw.org)
  2. County Governments Act (No 17 of 2012)
  3. National Land Policy (Sessional Paper Number 3 of 2009)
  4. Physical Planning Act (Cap 286) 
  5. Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA)
  6. Urban Areas and Cities Act(No 13 of 2011)
  7. National Spatial Plan 2015 – 2045
  8. Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Plan (NIUPLAN) – Existing Conditions
  9. Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Plan (NIUPLAN) – The Master Plan
  10. Nairobi City County Integrated Development Plan (2017-2022)
  11. Nairobi City County (Council) Zoning Ordinance
  12. Nairobi City County Non Motorized Transit Policy
  13. Access to Information Act
  14. County Spatial Planning Guidelines  
  15. UN Habitat: Streets for Walking & Cycling – Designing for safety, accessibility and comfort in African Cities

Other Links of Interest:

  1. National Construction Authority Public Complaints 

Websites of Interest: 

  1. Transformative Urban Mobility (TUMI)
  2. Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
  3. Future Cape Town
  4. Open Streets Cape Town
  5. African City Planner