As part of our work on the #icmiist (implementing creative methods in innovative sustainable transport) we held an urban dialogue on the 17th of May 2018. The dialogue was held at the historic August 7th Memorial Park.

Under the theme ‘Transforming the Walking and Cycling experience in Nairobi’ , A brief presentation was made on the Luthuli Avenue Project as well as ‘best practices in street design, by ITDP Africa. 

Attendants engaged with project leaders as well as some of the civic leaders who attended. Important querries and feedback was given including the need for consideration of persons with disability, minimum footpath sizes (2m), understanding complete and equitable streets, as well as the importance of social justice and the common good in urban development.

The importance of explaining the economic benefits of projects to municipal authorities was emphasised as well.

Former Nairobi Mayor Joe Aketch also spent some time explaining how the then City Council went about in improving pedestrianization of Mama Ngina Street.

Building upon a completed GCRF network grant (CMIIST) that explored with artists, practitioners, planners and policy makers the potential benefits of using more creative methods to co-design urban infrastructure to enhance mobility, the project compares the outcomes of deploying such approaches on: inclusion; co-benefits including unexpected improvised opportunities; and outcomes – with current standard planning practices. It also evaluates the longer term learning legacy encouraged by this interdisciplinary action research on key decision makers to assess if belief changes have occurred.

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